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Thursday, 8 November 2012

cold cofee...

hi dolls....
wana share this with you...
homemade cold of my friend reminded me abt im sharing it with all of my friends here...loved making it n having it too...
here are few pics of my homemade cold coffee...

have it...
here comes the recipe...


2 Tsp Dry instant coffee
1 Tsp Sugar or Sugar Substitute
1 cup Milk - Your choice of skim, 2%, 3% or whole
6-8 Ice cubes
2 Tb Warm water
1 Tsp Vanilla - Optional
1 Tsp Chocolate Syrup - Optional


Measure coffee and sugar or substitute into the cup
Fill with ice cubes
Add milk
Add optional flavoring if you prefer
Position on the blender and blend for approximately 30-45 seconds
decorate the glass with chocolate syrup n pour the blended coffee into the glass
add a straw and enjoy

hope u all try n enjoy.....


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