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Sunday, 25 November 2012

coloressence aqua makeup base review

It is not sheer. Nor does it glow. Poor naming decisions aside, COLORESSENCE color your spirit is amazing. It pretty much been my daily foundation since I finally took the plunge and bought it in the shade Beige LF 1.This is a big deal for a foundation addict, such as myself.
This is a water based foundation and it does SPF 20.As for application, this foundation applies very well and can be applied in several ways. I usually use a stippled brush or your finger tips if you prefer. The product blends very well, and once set (with a setting powder) it stays in place for hours. My favorite thing is that it leaves my skin flawless, without looking cakey, smudging or feeling heavy at all!  If call also be mixed with a tinted moisturizer if you want minimal coverage. Once applied, this foundation leaves a matte finish which I really like. I know, I know, the price tag on this product is pretty cheap compared to the high end products.On the bright side, a little goes a long way with this product. I use it almost daily and it lasts me about 4-6 months. 
price is 110rs for 35ml(isnt tht grt!)check here
here is the swatch
another one
here it is,totally blended into my skin
thats awesome coverage!
so i love it!!!


  1. woww..seems really good..wr it is available?

    1. @preethi u can find the link in my post after the second pic( at check here)

  2. I never expect the coloressence have such good product ! :)
    thanks for this post <3

    1. @samannita yes it is a good product...
      thnks fr ur comment

  3. such a good one!! :) need to pick this soon :)

    1. @revathy yes it is...check the link in the post to get it soon :)


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