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Saturday, 24 November 2012

pedicure at home

Do you ever spend a day outside and look at your feet and think, “Yikes! A nice Pedicure would be good right about now!”? Broken nails, unsightly callouses, and chipped polish are not very appealing, are they? Here's a great do it yourself pedicure that will help your tootsies look - and feel - their very best.
So here’s a simple solution, an easy, yet so soothing at-home Pedicure. It’s great as a treat for yourself !!!
First things first, let’s gather your supplies!

A large basin, pan, or bowl
Nail polish remover (Only if polishing)
nail file and/or clippers
 pumice stone(i use 4 in 1 foot brush)
cutcle pusher cum cuticle cutter
(use it only if u know how to cut ur cuticles or els strict no no!!)
massage cream
callause remover
(dont use it if u dont know abt this,as it has a blade inside)
foot cream
foot spray
cleansing sponge
A large towel
pebels(optional,it is only to give some spa effect!)

4 in 1 nail brush
cuticle pusher cum cuticle cutter
callus remover
nail clippers
nail brush (from oriflame,i love it!)

  Foot Soak (A soap that you put into warm water tosoften calluses) i use my regular hair shampoo or my Regular Dialy body wash. i add some pebels into the tub as it relaxes the foot...( simple spa effect<3)
Pour some body wash and warm water and pebels into your foot tub, and put your feet in for a nice long soak. 

homemade Foot Scrub  made out of sugar,corn meal(not corn flour) mixed with olive oil n vitamin E oil for  removing dead skin. 
corn meal,it is very effective in removing dead skin
sugar,even this is used to remove dead skin n leaves ur skin soft
olive oil,while scrubbing u loose the skin's natural oils,so i add olive oil to balance it
vitamin E oil(pierce the tablet to get the oil,it gives extra moisturising effect to the skin while scrubbing)
After soaking your feet,mix your corn meal, sugar(a few tablespoons of each is plenty),olive oil  and vitamin E oil   and use it as a scrub for your dry skin. Work on any callouses with a pumice stone n callus remover. use nail brush to clean the nails.It may take a few weeks of effort to get rid of callouses, but they should eventually wear off.Pay special attention to rough heels and rinse and dry your feet.

Now,You'll need to clip and file your nails. Toenails should be straight across and even with the tip of your toe to prevent injury or ingrown toenails. Once you have your nails the way you like, reach for one of those angled wooden tools and push overgrown cuticles back into place.

Perhaps the most important step(for me), you'll need a cuticle trimmer or nail "nipper" to help you remove dead, rough skin from all around your nails. Be careful - these tools are sharp!
Slather on a coat of rich moisturizer and give your feet a mini-massage.apply to the nails and massage the nail bed too...this helps dicolouring of nails occur due to frequent nail painting.wash it off...

apply your fav nail polish(optional),i dint keep any nail paint as i want my nails breath after a nice pedicure.and then apply a foot cream and spray some foot spray as a final touch!!!
there comes my happy feet with out nail paint!!!
(sorry for not keeping a nail paint,i seriously wanted my nails to breath as i dint take off my nail polish for so long...)

stay tuned for my next post...


  1. lovely post dear but am to lazy to do all these but still very nice post for those who are not lazy like me :)

    1. thnk u...because i explained it in detail u feel its a big process but it hardly takes 20-30 mins...

  2. very well explained..Thanks for the post

    1. preethi prasad... thnk u for supporting me all the way...

  3. nice post. i will try this out.. liked the pebbles tip a lot..

    1. @rajalakshmi thnk u...yes pebbles relaxes a lot...stand for 5 mins on the pebbles,u relax a lot...blood circulation improves!

  4. nice post :) even i'm lazy to do :P

    1. @rajani thnk u...try once at home,ul nevr b lazy again by seeing the end product(i mean ur happy feet)...


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