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Friday, 23 November 2012

max factor flawless perfection foundation review

my foundation(max factor flawless perfection foundation)

When I first saw this foundation I thought you mix the white product in with the darker colour to get your very own custom made foundation colour. I clearly wasn't looking properly as step one is a primer and then you follow up with step two which is the foundation. There are a couple of other shades I have seen but I got the shade 44 perfect beige.

step 1 and step 2 in a single tube(primer n foundation)

here are the swatches..
(sorry for the flash..)
forgot to take without flash ,excuse me this time!!!
As you may imagine from the picture I was quite shocked and scared once I pumped out the foundation as it was so dark! beige really isn't a colour I would pick to fit my skin tone at all. Once I swatched the product on my hand and blended the colour seemed to disappear and sort of adapt to my skin tone. 
I applied step one, the primer to my face and it felt so lovely, smooth and velvety. I then applied a small amount of step two and buffed...I could literary see the very dark colour sink and fade into my skin, quite amazing! I felt it wasn't quite enough so I built up with a second  layer. At first I thought I had over done it and it was too dark but it soon settled and I was left with a pretty perfect colour and slightly dewy finish. It feels very light on the skin and wear I would say was approx six hours and the primer has spf 12.

It is, I must say an odd product. I couldn't find too much information on it but there only seems to be 3 shades, I could of course be wrong.The really dark foundation tint would put off any lighter skinned  ladies but it just seems to adapt to my skin tone. It's a pleasant smell but I find the packaging old looking and not in a good way. I will definitely be using this up though, as I really do like the finish, much more than I thought I would to be honest!
Has anyone else tried this? 


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    1. @preethi thank u so much...thts seriously encouraging :)

  2. Hey swty...U hav a lovely space here...Gladly following you nw...Awesome review..Great going gurl! :)

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