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Saturday, 15 December 2012

simple french tip nail art!!!

hi beauties
We will never get tired of French Tip! 
today i am here with a nail art which simple n easy!!
super easy french tip nail art with a pearl on ring finger makes it different!!!

here is the tutorial...
start with fresh nails,remove any moisturiser  or dust with a cotton n acetone
start with a base coat here i used little glittery for a lil shine
i used elle 18 nail pops 08 as a basecoat
start painting all the nails with this for two coats
for the french tip i used Gala N25
here i use a polythene sheet to cover the remaining nail n then draw the french tip...
i dont like to use tape n all because some times it is damaging the base coat so i use a simple polythene sheet n paint the tip in the shape u required...
repeat the same with all the nails and apply a clear base coat
remove ny nail paint traces around the nail vth actone n qtip as i do,u can also use an angle brush to remove..
and here for lil zing i am adding a pearl to my ring finger
then doneeeeeeee.....
did u like it
thank you for being vth me...


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